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Best Vinyl Fence Styles

As a vinyl fence company, we proudly carry the best vinyl fence styles by Bufftech vinyl fencing – manufactured by  CertainTeed.

Each vinyl fence is fully customizable. There are six distinctive styles to choose from:

Bufftech Vinyl Fence by Certainteed

Privacy Vinyl Fencing Styles

Looking to create a private backyard oasis, or perhaps enclose the pool or patio?

Bufftech’s complete line of vinyl privacy fences are available in an incredible array of styles and finishes suitable for any preference and budget. Three available textures — smooth, CertaGrain, and CertaStucco — ensure your privacy fence will uniquely complement your home. Finally, we offer privacy style fencing in a wide variety of colors featuring BuffTech’s innovative ColorLast fade protection.

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Contemporary Vinyl Fencing Styles

Contemporary style vinyl fences are the most popular and least expensive “spaced picket” option we offer at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions.

Customers may choose from varying heights and colors including white and almond. Contemporary style options include Bufftech’s Victorian, Monarch, Baron, Princeton, and Countess fences, each with its own unique design. Galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcement is available for both top and bottom rails. Contemporary style products are all “good neighbor” fences, as well, with the fence appearing the same from all vantage points.

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Traditional Vinyl Fencing Styles

Offering “a timeless look that’s always in style,” Traditional style vinyl fences are a practical yet elegant solution featuring exceptional durability.

Maintenance-Free is proud to carry the full line of CertainTeed’s Bufftech brand Traditional style “picket thru rail” fencing, each offering a nostalgic feel along with old-fashioned American craftsmanship. And — like all vinyl fences from Maintenance-Free Outdoor — Traditional style vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free, weather-resistant and will not chip, fade or rot.

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Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fencing Styles

For those seeking privacy and a fresh breeze, three semi-private styles are available to choose from, and are a popular choice for patio enclosures, garden backdrops, and pet containment.

Semi-privacy vinyl fences offer substantial privacy while still allowing the breeze to flow through the fence. Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions is proud to carry all three of the Bufftech brand’s distinctive semi-privacy fence styles: Imperial, Millbrook, and Columbia, each available in a variety of heights, colors and textures.

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Classic Vinyl Fencing Styles

Featuring “sophisticated styling in an elegant design,” Classic style vinyl fences are also “good neighbor” fences, meaning they appear the same on both sides.

Pickets protrude through the top rail and terminate at the bottom rail. While Classic style fences are more difficult to rack (rack is term used to describe maintaining vertical pickets despite a downward sloping rail), Maintenance-Free’s in-house fabrication capabilities enables us to rack these vinyl fences to whatever degree is needed.

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Post & Rail Vinyl Fencing Styles

Post & Rail vinyl fences combine aesthetic appeal, durability and versatility.

Engineered with CertainTeed’s state-of-the-art technology, post & rail vinyl fences offer maximum weather resistance. Innovative features like co-extrusion increase durability and UV protection, while BuffTech’s lock ring technology ensures secure rail and post connections. In addition to smooth finishes, Post & Rail vinyl fences are available in Bufftech’s CertaGrain™ texture, which replicates the look and feel of painted wood fencing.

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5 Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

  1. Maintenance-Free – Vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free, and require none of the painting or upkeep associated with other materials like wood or wrought iron.
  2. Durability – Unlike traditional fencing materials like wood, iron and chain link, vinyl fences are virtually impervious to the elements and do not rot or rust. Vinyl fences are roughly 5x stronger than wood, too.
  3. Design – Available in a wide array of colors, styles and finishes, no matter what you’re looking for, there’s a vinyl fence to complement your home, outdoor decor and landscaping.
  4. Cost – An excellent choice if you’re looking to add resale value to your home and minimize (or even eliminate) maintenance costs.
  5. Peace of Mind – All new vinyl fences from Maintenance-Free include a limited lifetime warranty, so you can spend more time enjoying your yard — not worrying about it.

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The Maintenance-Free Advantage

Our Pledge as a Fence Company

Why Vinyl Fencing?

It’s one of the most attractive and cost-effective investments you can make in your home. Virtually maintenance-free, a vinyl fence resists everyday life’s elements and wear and tear.

It’s also highly customizable and available in various styles, colors, and finishes, ensuring a perfect fit with your home and landscaping.

We are fencing experts, and many consider us the best in-value fence company for vinyl fencing.

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