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Chesterfield CertaGrain fence - great for pools

Chesterfield with Certagrain® Texture 

What is a Privacy Fence?

A residential privacy fence is most often used to conceal a yard from neighbors and passerby’s, particularly in St. Louis suburbs. Maintenance-free fences greatly enhance your landscape, increases home security and yes, even add value to your home.

Best Privacy Fence Brand

Hands down, CertainTeed is the undisputed best fence.

CertainTeed offers long-lasting beauty, superior performance and yes, even the best protection you can get.  These fences come in an array of sophisticated styles, authentic finishes and complementary colors that outlast, and outperform, the competition.

Bufftech® offers durable hardware and steel reinfocned rails to ensure a long-lasting installation.  And, BuffTech® features one of the best warranties including their popular ColorLast® fade protection.

What is the Best Privacy Fence?

The best type of fence is maintenance-free!

Bufftech® Vinyl Privacy

A Bufftech® privacy fence compliments any setting and comes available in remarkably authentic woodgrain textures, colors, sytles, and decorative accents.

Explore vinyl privacy fences.

Bufftech® Molded Privacy

A Bufftech® molded privacy fence creates for quiet & secure outdoor living space.  These fences come in realistic granitestone and beautiful deep-grain wood textures.

Explore molded privacy fences.

Bufftech® Vinyl Semi-Privacy

Bufftech® vinyl semi-private fences are popular and very versatile.  These semi-private fences offer that just enough privacy – coupled with plenty of airflow and are 4-feet to 6-feet high.

Explore semi-privacy fences.

Compare Vinyl to Wood Privacy Fences


Maintenance free
Extremely durable
Does not need painting or staining
Doesn’t chip or fade
Resistant to termites or insects


Requires lots of maintenance
Subject to rotting, peeling and sagging
Requires ongoing painting or staining
Splinters and cracks depending on climate
Susceptbile to termite and insect damage

Why Consider Us?

We’ve been installing maintenance-free fences in and around St. Louis since 1994.  We offer competitive everyday pricing, long-term warranties, and high customer review ratings to back up the quality of our workmanship.  Read more on our Maintenance-Free Advantage to see why we’re truly the best in value choice!

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