4 Reasons You Can’t Have Fences Over A Certain Height

Fence Height Regulations

“Bigger is better” is a mantra many St. Louis homeowners live by. But when it comes to fencing, sometimes it’s better to take a step back and take a hard look at different fence height regulations. You may discover those extra feet aren’t worth the trouble!

Deciding on a maximum fence height for your home

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You may want a high fence for a variety of reasons – privacy, security or just to keep neighborhood deer from snacking on your garden. Basic rationale would tell you the higher you go, the greater the protection for your home and yard. What it doesn’t take into account are the unexpected issues that pop up when you push the limits.

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If you go beyond 6 feet with your fence, be prepared for some possible side effects:

  • The wrath of others – Both municipalities and Homeowners Associations (HOA) have their own guidelines for front yard fence height and backyard fence height. For instance, St. Louis City and Fairview Heights, Ill. allow for 8-foot fences, while in Fenton, the maximum fence height is 6-feet. If you go above these restrictions, you could be hit with significant fines, or worse, have to pull your fence down all together.
  • Solitary confinement – One of the top reasons for a high fence is a greater sense of privacy. However, if you go from a 6-foot privacy fence to an 8-foot fence, those two feet can feel imposing and confining. Many homeowners who make the move describe their backyard feeling like a “prison yard” or a “fortress.” If you want a retreat that still offers views of the great outdoors, it may be better to stay on the low side.
  • Poor aesthetics – Many homeowners are getting around purchasing a taller fence by adding a lattice or picket extension to their existing fence. If well done, it can create a cohesive look, but in most cases, the contrast between two fencing materials compromise the look of your home. In addition, if a topper is added to a worn or old wood fence, it can cause the fence to buckle or lean.
  • Threats to drivers and pedestrians – If you have a corner lot, you hold the safety of those on the road in your hand. A high privacy fence, especially in the front yard, can cause blind spots at intersections and limit drivers’ visibility. Many HOAs and cities have guidelines in regards to corner lot fences, but if they don’t, it’s important to determine if a couple extra feet are worth the extra risk of danger to your family and neighbors.

Helping you understand fence height regulations in St. Louis

Fence Height Regulation STL

Considering a high fence for your home? Talk to the fence experts at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions first! We know the fence height regulations for municipalities across the St. Louis region to ensure your fence meets their strict requirements. Even better, we carry and install a wide variety of vinyl privacy fences and simulated stone fences from the industry’s best manufacturers, so you can find a 6-foot option that offers the security, style and serenity you want for your home. 



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