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Fence Gate Safety: Fence Accessories You Need at Home

Fence Gate

When a homeowner decides not to install a gate along with their new fence, they lose out on some very important benefits. True, a fence gate makes it easier for kids to sneak out of the yard – or for people from the outside to sneak in. It may be an extra cost on top of the fence itself and require additional maintenance.

Three Reasons a Fence Gate Might Be a Good Idea

Without a gate, your freedom to move from your front to backyard is compromised. Unless you have access through a garage door, you’ll have to go through your house. Or if you’re on the athletic side, leap over your fence to escape your confinement. However, a quality vinyl fence gate from Maintenance-Free Outdoors Solutions in St. Louis offers the flexibility, style, and convenience every homeowner needs.

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If you’re on the fence about a gate, here are three reasons why adding this important fence accessory is a no-brainer.

  1. A gate provides easy access. Let’s say you buy a new BBQ grill or patio set. Without a gate, you have two options. You can try to lift your heavy new purchase over your fence. But if your fence is too high, you’ll have to remove a section to sneak through, which is not only inconvenient but also takes time and effort to convert your fence section into a removable one. An added bonus of a gate? No more guests tracking mud and dirt through your house to get to your backyard in order to enjoy said BBQ grill and patio set.
  2. It adds a pop of drama to your yard. Stylish vinyl fence gates and vinyl arbors offer a welcoming entrance to your yard or garden. A picket fence, for instance, is even more charming when paired with an eye-catching arbor and fence accessories. Accent your gate with flowers or climbing plants for a whimsical, romantic twist, and your yard will catch the eye of everyone who walks by – boosting your curb appeal and home value.
  3. A gate requires less maintenance than you think. Granted, a wood gate can require repairs and staining. However, go with a maintenance-free vinyl, aluminum, or simulated stone fence, and upkeep is kept at an absolute minimum. Because these options won’t warp or crack due to the elements, hinges and accessories stay in place. All your gate needs is a quick spray with the hose to remove dirt and debris. In addition, a vinyl gate is more durable than a wood alternative. Even if your kids bang, push, or run into your gate, or winds or storms come rolling in, your gate can stand up to the torture.

Find Your Perfect Vinyl Fence Gate Here

As your St. Louis vinyl fence experts, we carry and install gates in a variety of styles and colors that complement your fence and your home. Manufactured with only the highest-quality materials, your fence gate can offer the access you need without high installation costs or expensive repairs. Check out our full line of fences and gates, and if you like what you see, contact us today for your free in-home estimate.


Tim Kelley

With over four decades in the St. Louis fencing industry, Tim Kelly leads Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions as its President. He is renowned for his commitment to quality, ethics, and community involvement.

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