Faux Stone Fences: Be Trendy Without Breaking The Bank

Trendy Faux stone fences in a backyard setting

Looking to improve the look of your home, but on a budget? The look of a stone or rock fence can do a lot to improve your landscaping…but the stone itself can be costly, especially with the installation. Faux stone fences can give you the same look in a way that’s eco-friendly and budget-friendly.

In fact, faux stone fences and faux brick fences are becoming more and more common in today’s housing markets. Here’s why:

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“Faux” is Trendy

Before, it used to be that the word “faux” made people think “artificial” or “false.” That’s no longer the case. Presently, faux fur (which is more humane!), faux plants (low-maintenance, right?) and even faux finishes for furniture are ‘in’. Decorators are experimenting with high-quality, low maintenance alternatives to more traditional materials and decorations.

This trend towards “faux” is also catching on quickly in the fencing world. Even Pinterest has several hundred pins with examples of faux stone fences and exterior walls. Many people that buy historic or vintage homes are also looking to faux stone to add rustic charm, inside and out.

What About Faux Brick?

While faux stone does lend a kind of rustic look, faux brick fences are also popular for a certain kind of look. These fences can add a high-class feel to your yard while providing the same privacy as a faux stone fence. Faux brick fences come in a number of colors, meaning that you can go with a traditional red-brick, a retro white brick, or a classy tan/sand color brick.

Faux stone fences surrounding a backyard pool



Working Within Your Budget

Additionally, the stone is expensive to source, transport, and work with, even for professionals. Moreover, this means that stone walls, rock fences, and the like are traditionally costly. Stone look vinyl fencing is much easier to produce and transport and those cost savings can be passed on to the homeowner.

Remember, too, that getting the best value for your fence does not automatically mean getting the cheapest fence. Fences that are durable and designed to stand up to the elements for a long time will save you more money in the long run, not to mention the added “curb appeal” they give your home.

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“Help, I Can’t Find ‘Faux Stone’…”

As more and more companies start carrying faux stone fencing and similar products, they call it different things in order to make it sound like new and different. Don’t let the names throw you off: It’s all basically the same material. If you are interested in faux stone, also search for:

  • Simulated stone fence
  • “Stone look” vinyl fence
  • “Stone look” privacy fence
  • Rock fence
  • Veneer or stone veneer fencing
  • Faux stone walls
  • Manufactured stone

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At Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, we don’t try to dazzle people with fancy names. We let the look of the product speak for itself. We pride ourselves on being able to work within your budget to make your home and property look as beautiful as possible.

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