Thank you!

We’re blessed and appreciate your trust in us. A Maintenance-Free representative will be in contact with you to set up a convenient time we can meet and listen to your needs.

What you can expect:

  1. Contact you to arrange a convenient time for you to meet
  2. Listen to your needs, and answer your questions
  3. Bring plenty of samples and colorful brochures for inspiration
  4. View your property to get a firm understanding of the project scope
  5. Ask you pertinent questions to better serve your specific needs
  6. Write up a competitive no-pressure estimate on site

In the meantime, if you have requested a fence estimate, take the next steps to help us make the best and most accurate onsite estimate.

We look forward to serving you soon.

Thanks again!

Bryan Overmann

For Fence Estimates – Take These Next Steps

A couple of important things you can do before our onsite visit include:

1) If you are in a subdivision, have a copy of your HOA rules.

2) Are you putting your fence along a property line?  We recommend having your yard staked!

You can check your plot plan for the enginnering firms name and call them to have your property staked in an effort to mark your boundaries.

If you do not have an engineering firm, we recommend Marler Surveying.

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