Escape Artists, Beware! How to Create an Escape-Proof Dog Fence

Fence wanting to escape a chain link fence

Need a dog fence to keep your dog from escaping?

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, and while they love us, they can also be adept escape artists that want to see the world beyond the yard. If you are experiencing this, a dog fence is something you may want to consider.

Not having a dog fence puts your furry friend in danger. It can also put other pets and people at risk, such as neighbors or kids playing around your home. And think about the local flora and fauna that your dog might want to destroy or dig in to.

What’s the best dog fence to keep your dog safe?

Investing in a physical dog fence over an invisible dog fence is essential as it gives your dog the true freedom to play and you the peace of knowing your furry friend and others are safe.
If you’re shopping for a new dog fence because you want to dog-proof your yard, we’re here to help! Keep reading to learn more about getting the best dog fence from an outdoor fencing company.

Why Is Your Dog Escaping?

Dog looking through chewed hole in wood fenceBefore you purchase a dog fence, you’re going to need to figure out your dog’s motivations.

Getting inside the head of a dog isn’t an easy task, but if you keep a watchful eye on its behavior (especially if you catch the dog in the act of trying to escape), you can get a feel for what’s going on.

Some dogs are just lonely outside. They’d rather be indoors with you. While there are good reasons to give dogs some outdoor time during the day, make sure that they get indoor time as well if it’s possible. They won’t have the spare time on their paws to work on their next great escape.

Lonely dogs most often look for outside enrichment. They may have spotted or smelled a friend nearby that they know they can get to. If a friendly dog sees a potential new friend, they might bolt. Animal instincts are a real thing. While invisible fences work better for some dogs, it won’t stop any excited dog chasing a rabbit. Particularly those dogs with too much energy!

A dog with extra energy will be more likely to want to get out, and an invisible fence won’t keep then contained inside your yard nor prevent hazards from entering the yard.

How Is Your Dog Escaping?

Dog trying to escape under chain link fenceWhen you’re trying to plan to install a new dog fence, it’s helpful to understand how your dog is escaping. You’ll need to watch, probably from inside the house carefully, so your dog doesn’t know (they know when they’re doing something they’re not supposed to do).

Chain link fences offer your pets a great way to climb because they allow your pet to place their paws into the slots to climb out. They also allow your dog to dig and squeeze their way out from under the flexible chain link.

Smaller or more agile dogs can squeeze their way through a fence with a wide enough distance between pickets. If you have small dogs, wide picket spacing isn’t a good idea.

Some dogs can jump over the fence. Even moderately high fences can be no match for a dog with enough determination and energy.

Fences made from weaker materials (such as wood) can be chewed through by determined dogs with strong enough jaws.

Fences with gates can also be problematic if the gate doesn’t have a strong or complex enough latch. Smart dogs can learn how to open gates that are too easily accessible.

What Type of Dog Do You Have?

For the Small Dogs

Tiny dogs are sweet and easy to keep in the home as lap dogs, but every pet, no matter its size, loves to play outside. Having a chain link or fence with a diamond-shaped wire where the dog can scale the fence isn’t recommended.

For the Jumpers

If you’ve got a jumping dog, you’re going to need a fence that can stand up to it. Getting a high-quality vinyl or even aluminum fence with good height is ideal.

For the Diggers

A dog that digs its way out of your yard is frustrating. They can ruin your yard and garden, and they can get out of even the tallest fence. Aluminum fences can be installed lower to the ground, which deters the dog from thinking about digging their way out instead of a flimsy chain-link fence. In addition, aluminum fences can be constructed where the bottom rail is at the very bottom of the picket.

This design prevents dogs from digging in between pickets where the potential for escaping is greater.

D&D Technologies LokkLatch Deluxe latchFor the Gate-Openers

When your dog is smart enough to get through your garden gate, you’ve got a problem. Some gates have weak latches.

If your grade allows, we recommend swinging the gate in toward the dog. If they jump up on the gate, they’ll be pushing the gate closed as opposed to opening it.

Also, make sure your gate latch is lockable. Some smart dogs can unlatch the latch if it isn’t locked. Once it’s locked, it will be impossible for them to unlatch the gate.

The D&D Technologies LokkLatch Deluxe latch is high-quality and provides extra strength security. It offers magnetic latching action and operates and locks from both sides of the gate.

For the Chewers

EFF-20 Elite Aluminum fenceDogs are known for choosing through wood fences as a lot of dogs like the taste of wood.

Wooden fences are prone to rotting, offer softer material, and easier to chew through.

Higher-grade vinyl fences and aluminum fences are the best options for the chewers as they are tasteless.

The EFF-20 Elite Aluminum fence is a great option. It has a 5/8 “sq. picket with 1 ⅝” spacing.

It’s not only a strong fence but sits low to the ground for those diggers, especially if you choose the option to have the bottom rail at the very bottom of the pickets.

For the Patrollers and Friend-Finders

These dogs will be in one of the other categories for how they escape, but the “why” is essential here. Dogs that patrol up and down the fences are looking for other dogs or people who are getting too close.

“Too close” often means “walking on the sidewalk adjacent to the home,” telling that these dogs are going to want to escape a lot.

You’re going to want to get a fence that your dog can’t see through or over. You want a fence that’s tall enough that they can’t see over it while on its hind legs. You also want a fence that’s solid instead of one that has posts that are far enough apart that your dog can see passers-by.

We recommend the New Lexington privacy fence. It’s the most popular and least expensive vinyl privacy fence we offer. While this won’t eliminate your problem as the dog can still smell and hear the people and animals outside, it will keep them from getting distracted.

Considering a New Dog Fence For Your Home?

Maintenance-Free AdvantageKeeping a sneaky escape artist dog fenced-in is a challenge for any dog-owner. Thankfully, a maintenance-free physical pet fence will allow your furry friend to exercise while staying safe and securing it from intruders.

Hiring a professional fence company to install a dog fence is essential. Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions has been installing dog fences since 1994. We offer competitive pricing and long-term warranties. We also have an excellent customer rating to back up the quality of our workmanship.

Checkout our Maintenance-Free Advantage to learn more or request a free, no-obligation estimate today! You’ll be glad you did.

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