Decorating for the Holidays – Make Your Home Beautiful Inside and Out

Decorating for the holidays

Thanks to a tight budget and an even tighter schedule, decorating for the holidays can sometimes feel overwhelming for many homeowners. But making your house picture-perfect doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive, especially when you have Mother Nature and quality home features to help!

Combining natural elements with store-bought accessories to your beautiful backyard and warm interior, you can create festive decorations that are Pinterest-worthy. Even better, you can get back to the best part of the holidays – the relaxing!

Easy Ideas for Decorating for the Holidays

Hot chocolate station. Make sure guests always have a hot drink in hand by turning a hallway table into a cocoa bar. Set up a Keurig maker, a selection of cocoas and festive mugs. Add small glass jars with marshmallows, chocolate shavings, and some candy canes for stirring. A small gingerbread house, garland, and silver ornaments dress up the table.

Accessorize your mason jars. We love this idea from Midwest Living – cut off the ends of thrift-store sweater arms and place over the bottom of a jar. Fold the edges under and hot glue together. Just add in a tea light and some cranberries or some greenery from your backyard. Simply charming!

DIY Christmas decorations for kids. Purchase some wooden letters from the craft store and have your little ones paint them with holiday colors, use Mod Podge to outfit them with glitter, or decoupage on some eye-catching wrapping paper for the perfect piece for your mantle. Or, go smaller by allowing them to create homemade Christmas ornaments and tree decorations that will be passed on for generations.

One-of-a-kind custom wreaths. Evergreen wreaths are a holiday staple, but if you want to give your front door a little personality, shake it up! Grab a foam wreath base and hot glue on some brightly colored ornaments. Purchase a wooden letter and adorn it with holly berries before stringing it on a festive ribbon. Even arrange colorful cookie cutters into a wreath shape. Your possibilities are endless!

Hit up the vintage store. Your local antique store is packed with pieces that can be transformed for the holidays. A small galvanized or enamel tub can elegantly display an arrangement of pine cones or a small evergreen while an old sled can be dressed up with lights or garland to remind guests of an old-fashioned Christmas.

Go cozy indoors and out. The cold weather calls for a few extra snuggles. Add style and warmth with holiday-themed decorative pillows and blankets indoors and out. Choose whimsical pillows embellished with glitter or velvet for your living room couch; burlap and flannel for your porch chairs so guests can cuddle up when listening to carolers.

Line your lot with luminaries. Greet guests to your home with decorations that light the way. Buy glass vases, fill with stones or ornaments, and tie on festive weatherproof ribbon. You can also drill a tea light-shaped hole in the top of a few logs of different sizes and organize them in an eye-catching arrangement. For either option, use battery-powered tea lights which are a safer option than traditional candles.

Light up the exterior with home decor. The durable, top quality fencing, railing, decking, and lighting from Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions stands up against the brisk winter temperatures; making it the perfect foundation to show off your lights or garland. Simply loop from pole to pole or run along the top of the fence and you can beautifully showcase your yard all season long.

Stand Out on Your Block

With just a few dollars and a little creativity, DIY Christmas decorations are easier than you imagined and don’t take much time at all. And if you have quality products in and outside your home, you are able to showcase your investments and increase curb appeal. We hope these quick and easy tips inspire you to create your own winter wonderland for the holidays!

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