Trending Deck Designs to Consider Before Installation

deck designs

Deck Designs for Upgrades and Modern Living

A deck is a great way to add functionality and style to your backyard, while also improving resale value. Deck designs have come a long way, too — from multiple levels to retaining walls, outdoor lighting to railings and everything in between; you’ve got plenty of choices.

Whether you’re looking to create a space for outdoor entertaining and dining, or simply want a place to lounge and enjoy the view – there’s a deck design to match your lifestyle. Looking for inspiration? Check out a few of our favorite deck design trends:

Multiple Levels

A deck design featuring multiple levels or “tiers” adds both visual appeal and practicality to your outdoor space. Tiered deck designs break up the sometimes boring monotony of a single flat surface, giving the space some visual depth. And a multi-level deck gives you multiple spaces you can devote to separate activities, for instance, you could create a dedicated outdoor dining area and a place specifically for the grill.deck designs

Fire Pits

Outdoor fire pits are blazingly popular, and a great place for entertaining on your deck. Whether built-in or standalone, choose a fire pit that accents the style of your home and deck with contrasting colors and stones that complement other outdoor elements.

> > Burn it up: fire pits top our list in “Modern Backyard Design Ideas: Living in 2016“.

Built-in Seating

Built-in seating is a great way to add functionality to your deck and more comfortably accommodate more guests. Just keep in mind that built-in seating is exactly that — built in — and unlike outdoor furniture you won’t be able to simply move or replace it when inspiration strikes.


Break up space by adding some built-in planters to your deck, or simply add a few container plants and shrubs to add visual variety and depth to an otherwise uniform hardscape. We’ve even seen a few deck with built-in planters to accent a beautiful deck in the summer. If you’re a cooking lover, we even consider filling planters with various herbs!

deck designs

Pergolas and Gazebos

If you’re an HGTV fan, you just can’t seem to get away from these attractive additions. A gazebo is a perfect place for intimate conversation, and a pergola adds visual interest to any deck design, as well as offers a (partly) shady retreat from the hot sun. The addition of climbing vines and flowers is a great way to add some natural beauty, as well.

> > Find the right climbing vines or flowers for your deck with this handy guide.

Maintenance-Free Materials

Traditional wood decks require frequent staining, painting, and refinishing. But alternative decking materials like capped composite, PVC, and vinyl are virtually maintenance-free, so you can actually enjoy your deck without the time, hassle, and cost demanded by traditional materials.

deck designs

Capped composite decking from TimberTech won’t splinter, crack, or decay and is extremely resistant to fading.

Maintenance-free decking materials are more expensive than wood, but added resale value and savings on maintenance ensure a more than worthwhile return on your investment. A wide variety of variegated and solid color options mean you can design a maintenance-free deck that perfectly matches the style of your home and backyard, as well. maintain advantage

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