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Looking to Create a More Private Backyard?

Whether you want to surround a pool, playset or patio, or just create a space to escape the rush and noise of everyday life, there’s an option for every style and budget. Here are just 4 ideas to create a more private backyard:

1. Privacy Fence

For a total privacy solution, consider a privacy fence. Privacy fences offer maximum privacy and security, and are best suited for containing pets and youngsters. Beyond just traditional wood fences, alternative fencing materials like vinyl and simulated stone are virtually maintenance-free and offer unparalleled design options and durability.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to surround a pool, consider a vinyl privacy fence. Unlike wood, vinyl fencing is resistant to the elements and will not rot.

2. Landscaping

A “live” fence composed of shrubs and hedges is a great option for those looking for a more subtle look, though it doesn’t offer the same level of privacy and security as a traditional privacy fence. Just keep in mind that hedges require frequent maintenance and trimming. For an even more natural look, consider grouping together shrubs, trees, flowers and ornamental grasses.

3. Lattice, pergolas, gazebos

If you’re looking to add privacy to smaller spaces like decks or patios, consider lattice or a pergola — both of which are great DIY projects for those so inclined. Ivy or other climbing vines not only add privacy and aesthetic appeal; they provide welcome shade from the hot sun, too.

No deck or patio? No problem. A gazebo is a great way to add some privacy to your backyard without breaking the bank.

Just remember, like traditional wood privacy fences, wood pergolas, lattice and gazebos will deteriorate over time and require routine maintenance and upkeep. If potential upkeep is a concern, you’re better off considering virtually maintenance-free fencing like vinyl or simulated stone.

4. Foundations

If you’re looking to drown out the din of traffic or don’t want the neighbors involved in every outdoor conversation, a fountain is an attractive way to mask unwanted sound with white noise. From out-of-the-box plug-in options to more expensive custom-built designs, fountains are available in a wide variety of materials and price points.

Privacy Options Are Endless

maintenance-free advantageFrom privacy fences to pergolas, “live” fences to fountains, there are plenty of ways to add privacy to your backyard — no matter what your style or budget. Interested in privacy fencing in St. Louis? Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions is the leading supplier and installer of vinyl and simulated stone fences in St. Louis and southern Illinois. 

Everything we offer — whether full-service installation or DIY — is backed by the Maintenance-Free Advantage: our promise of every day low prices, superior quality, and service.

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