The Maintenance-Free Advantage

Composite Fencing

We offer the top selection of simulated stone and composite fencing for customers across St. Louis and surrounding cities.

Why Consider Simulated Stone or Wood Fencing?

With proprietary materials and a patented construction process, Certainteed sets the standard for simulated fencing with its authentic stone and wood-textured models— and we’re proud to sell and install what we refer to as “The Greatest Looking Fence on the Planet.

Made of polyethylene and reinforced with galvanized steel, these fences mirror the look and feel of authentic stone and wood at a fraction of the cost. High durability, resistance to the elements, and everyday wear and tear make simulated fences an excellent investment for those looking to add superior style, fantastic beauty, and the best in privacy.

(new) Simtek is now Certainteed!

Bufftech Allegheny Privacy Fence (shown in beige)

Simulated Stone Fence by Certainteed – Allegheny™

The new Certainteed Allegheny Simulated Stone Fencing is perfect for any St. Louis residential or commercial property looking for the beauty in stone fencing with the best in privacy fencing.

  • Authentic stone texture
  • 3′, 4′ & 6′ heights available; stackable to 8′ & 12′ high
  • ColorLast® fade protection 15 years
  • WindZone™ performance
  • Meets most building codes for pool fencing
  • Graffiti-resistant
  • Lifetime limited warranty
Bufftech Allegheny™ Colors

Color options (left to right)

  • Beige Granite
  • Black Granite
  • Brown Granite
  • Dark Brown Granite
  • Desert Granite
  • Gray Granite
Bufftech Sherwood Stone Fencing (Woodgrain)

Sherwood™ Simulated Wood Fence

The new Certainteed Sherwood Simulated Wood Fencing is for anyone who wants the best in privacy fencing with the beauty of authentic woodgrain texture.

  • Authentic woodgrain texture
  • Easy to install the panelized system
  • 4′ & 6′ heights available; stackable to 8′ high
  • Steel reinforced panel
  • ColorLast® fade protection 15 years
  • Meets most building codes for pool fencing
  • Graffiti-resistant
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Bufftech Sherwood™ Colors

Color options (left to right)

  • Black Oak
  • Gold Cedar
  • Nantucket Gray
  • Red Cedar
  • Walnut Brown

What makes our Simulated Fencing so unique?

Bufftech has reinvented fence manufacturing with its patented design of rotationally-molded fencing. This allows for realistic stone and wood appearance and superior performance.

  • Patented Construction: Made with proprietary Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Plastic (LLDPE) and is reinforced with galvanized steel.
  • Superior Wind Rating: Can withstand constant hurricane-force winds up to 110 mph and 130 mph gusts.
  • Excellent Sound Barrier: Blocks 98% of direct sound with a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 26.
  • Durable in Temperature Extremes: Very stable in temperature extremes. Withstands tests at -40° to 140° F.
  • Fade Resistant: Contains UV12 inhibitors for a lifetime of vibrant colors. Xeon-Arc chamber tested in an accelerated environment with minimal to no fade.
  • Greener Solution: The Bufftech Allegheny Fence panels are made of virgin polyethylene plastic and do not use recycled materials which makes them better for our environment.
  • Graffiti Resistant: Easily remove graffiti using a high-powered pressure washer.
  • Solid Privacy and Security: Allegheny fencing provides exceptional privacy and security for you and your family.
  • Maintenance Free/Lifetime Warranty: A maintenance-free solution. Our patented fence will never need painting or staining; nor will it warp, fade or crack. The Allegheny product is warranted for a lifetime to be free from manufacturing defects.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Enhance your surroundings with our revolutionary “rock-look” Allegheny fencing.
  • Made in the USA: Proudly made in the United States.

5 Advantages of Simulated Fencing

  1. Maintenance-Free Unlike traditional fencing materials like wood and wrought iron, simulated fencing is virtually maintenance-free and never requires painting or staining. Certainteed simulated fences will not fade, warp, or crack in the elements.
  2. Style – We don’t call it “The Greatest Looking Fence on the Planet” for nothing. Certainteed simulated fences replicate the look and texture of solid granite and wood and are available in a variety of popular colors.
  3. Privacy – Simulated fences offer privacy and excellent soundproofing.
  4. Durability – All Certainteed simulated fences carried by Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions are extremely durable, withstanding extreme temperatures and even sustained hurricane-force winds. UV12 inhibitors in Certainteeds proprietary polyethylene blend ensure minimal to no fading.
  5. Peace of Mind – Maintenance-Free’s selection of Certainteed simulated fences come with industry-leading warranties.

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