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When a business owner thinks about the need for a fence, their thoughts often go to one of two extremes: Either ornamental fences (think aluminum, steel, and wrought iron) or else cheaper chain link. But there is an option that is cost effective and pleasant looking, with the added bonus of enhancing your property’s security: A commercial vinyl fence.

More and more businesses are turning to a commercial grade vinyl fence for their premises, using them to:

Define their outdoor space. Good fences make for good neighbors, as they say. Putting a commercial grade vinyl privacy fence between your property and your neighbors clearly defines what is yours and what is theres. It can also help define any outdoor spaces near a sidewalk or street—think of an outdoor seating area or patio.

Add privacy and security. Unlike other kinds of ornamental fencing, vinyl fences have broad pickets that can be spaced close together, blocking the view from outside. With appropriately placed gates, a sturdy fence also controls the flow of people onto and out of your property. All of this adds to the security of your property.

Accent the landscaping. A vinyl fence is the perfect “blank canvas” against which to show off your landscaping. That one change can be enough to make a difference in the way that customers and passerbys react to the public facing parts of your property.

Improve the view. You can’t control the other buildings around you. If some of them are in disrepair, or worse are totally abandoned, it can be a real eyesore. A commercial vinyl fence is opaque, and can be ordered at a height that helps block out the less-than-appealing view.

Cut down on noise pollution. Some business properties are subject to a lot of noise, either from the street or from adjacent properties. A vinyl fence can help by providing another sound buffer—especially important if you have an outdoor patio, or a space with numerous windows.

Upgrade a parking lot. Having a nice looking fence around the parking lot does a lot to add a touch of class to a property, not to mention an added level of security.

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Getting the Right Commercial Vinyl Fence

Sold on the idea of getting a commercial vinyl fence? If you’re ready to see what’s available, you’ll quickly see that there are a lot of options out there. How do you begin choosing the right brand of commercial fencing for your business?

Here at Maintenance Free, we’ve already done the research and can take some of the guesswork out of the process. With decades of experience in fencing, including vinyl fence installations, we’ve found that not all brands are created equally. For our customers, we stick to providing Bufftech commercial vinyl fences from CertainTeed.

white Commercial vinyl fence erected on grassThe Bufftech brand is a worldwide leader in commercial grade vinyl fences, and is the go-to for business owners looking to enhance the aesthetics and safety of their properties. This is because Bufftech vinyl fences:

  • Are available in a wide array of styles, colors, and textures
  • Never need staining or painting
  • Won’t chip, peel, crack, rot, or splinter
  • Are covered by ColorLast® fade protection
  • Feature heavyweight pickets and steel-reinforced rails for added safety and durability
  • Are lead-free, with no harmful chemicals
  • Can be installed quickly and at a reasonable cost

If you are ready to try Bufftech commercial grade vinyl fencing, contact us now for a free estimate!

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How is a Commercial Vinyl Fence Different from a Residential Vinyl Fence?

That’s a great question. Many people are familiar with the kinds of vinyl fences found on personal residential properties. Some like them, some don’t—either way, it’s not clear how good that kind of fence would be for a commercial property.

The two are different, however, in some important ways:

  • Commercial grade vinyl fences tend to be thicker for added durability, and wear better than residential fences.
  • Residential fencing often space the pickets for effect (making it look like wood fencing). With commercial fencing, the pickets can come in panels with minimal spacing to maximize privacy and security.
  • Not all residential vinyl fences are steel reinforced; almost all Bufftech commercial vinyl fences are.
  • Commercial fences are specially designed and tested to meet building codes for commercial properties.

Of course, a residential vinyl fence might be enough for your business property, depending on your needs and goals. The best way to decide which one to get is to have a professional do a site inspection, ask questions, ascertain your needs, and make a recommendation that is right for you.

To arrange an on-site visit, or to ask us questions about installation, simply contact us. Since 1994, we’ve offered both home and business owners the uncompromising quality, durability, and maintenance-free peace of mind only CertainTeed’s Bufftech high-performance fencing can offer. And we’d love to help you make the right investment for your business!

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