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Need To Upgrade Your Business? Get Commercial Steel Fencing Now

Check out how commercial steel fencing from Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions will increase the value of your business!

If you own and/or operate a business or storefront, you already know that your building, lot, and facilities are a large part of your business’s total capital value. How can you increase that value without a huge outlay of capital or disrupting business operations? One of the easiest ways is to invest in better fencing, of course.

Commercial steel fencing can create a safe space around your property while improving the overall look.


Strong, secure, AND beautiful, that’s commercial steel fencing by Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions!

Benefits of Commercial Steel Fencing: Security with a Commercial Security Fence

Theft and vandalism are unfortunate facts of life. Corporate properties are often a target. Businesses offer a juicy target for thieves, especially if there is no after-hours staff. During business hours, visitors and customers themselves will want to feel safe and secure while on your property.

Steel fencing has the benefit of providing a sturdy, secure barrier for your place of business while still affording a view of the areas outside your property. At several of our St. Louis installations, we’ve noticed first-hand how well our commercial security fences discourage thieves and vandals and generally improve overall property value.

Of course, other types of fencing can do some of these things as well. That said, steel fencing is more sturdy than wood or chain-link fencing, is less tempting to vandals than vinyl or wood fencing, and provides a clearer view than most fencing panels.

Ornamental Steel Fencing Maintenance Free

Benefits of Commercial Steel Fencing: Aesthetics

For most commercial properties, aesthetics matter, too. If your storefront or rental property does not look inviting, people might avoid it altogether.

Steel fencing can provide the distinctive look of a wrought-iron fence, but with none of the maintenance demanded by wrought-iron. For commercial installations, we recommend pre-welded steel panels from Ameristar. The special E-coat on these panels provides superior corrosion protection in any season or weather, and the fact that they are pre-welded means that you’ll never have the corrosion or wear that can come with a poor onsite welding job.

Here at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, we offer a variety of commercial steel fencing styles (including Classic, Majestic, Genesis, and Warrior) so that you can find the exact look to match the feel and “vibe” of your business and brand.

We also offer steel fencing in various sizes, both to suit your specific aesthetic requirements and to help you comply with local ordinances with regards to commercial fencing.

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Get Commercial Steel Fencing Now

When you have a business, you can’t stop what you’re doing to worry about a fence. You’ll want to find a trusted partner who can source materials for you, design your fence, and handle the installation– all within your budget. (Here are some other things to look for in a commercial fence company.)

We do it all here at Maintenance-Free Outdoor solutions. And unlike other St. Louis fence companies, we never outsource our work. We study all aspects of your commercial property, consider your needs and concerns, and work to find a solution that’s within your budget. We then execute on all aspects of your commercial fence installation, from breaking ground to clean-up and final assessment.

In the end, we guarantee that your new fence will add value and functionality to your property.

We want your total satisfaction, which is why we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and very high review ratings on Google, Facebook, Home Advisor, and Yellow Pages. Or, if you need further proof, just check out some of our online reviews.

If you’re ready, just request a free estimate, below. (And, in the meantime, check out our general tips for buying commercial fencing.)

In addition to commercial steel fencing from MFOS, here are 11 tips to enhance your commercial landscape and add value to your property!

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