Is A Commercial Privacy Fence The Answer For Your Business?

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If you run a solid business but find that your outdoor space is lacking something, a commercial privacy fence might just be what your need. A commercial grade privacy fence (or simply commercial privacy fence) is a fence designed to enhance the privacy and security of an outdoor space. Because they are used for restaurants, offices, condominiums, and similar businesses, they are built to be sturdy yet attractive.

Why A Business Would Need a Commercial Privacy Fence

Not all fences are made the same way. Often, fence manufacturers have to balance things like cost of materials, durability, aesthetics, and more. (This is why many businesses prefer, for example, aluminum or steel to wrought iron– these materials are less expensive, more durable, and require less maintenance.)

That said, even the best fencing brands come in grades. A residential grade fence will balance these factors a little differently than a commercial or industrial grade fence.

Most businesses with a public-facing presence can benefit from a commercial grade privacy fence. Here are just a few of the benefits they provide:

Commercial privacy fence for commercial Business

Benefits of a commercial grade privacy fence

  1. They mark a clearly defined outdoor space. A good fence shows the extent of your outdoor space. This is especially important for restaurants and cafes that have outdoor seating, or shops that put clearance or sale items out in front of the store. A commercial privacy fence shows the extent of your shop, showing people that the outdoor space still counts as “in” you shop.
  2. They make your restaurant or shop seem bigger. When you clearly define an outdoor space, it gives your business a certain feel– it will seem bigger to your customers, simply because there is additional space that is “yours.” It’s almost like adding an additional room or floor to your building.
  3. They mark the area for which you are legally responsible. How many times have you heard of lawsuits where someone fell in front of a store, slipped on ice on a sidewalk, or otherwise tried to hold a store owner responsible for something that happened outside the actual building? With a fence, there is little doubt as to what area counts as yours, and what areas do not.
  4. They provide enhanced security. Fences make it harder to approach a property except through predefined paths. This tends to cut down on “casual vandalism” and also deters would-be burglars. Fencing also sends a signal that the ownership is security minded, which can also deter criminals… “If they bothered to invest in a security fence, what other security measures do they have? Cameras? Alarms?” Or so the thought goes for many criminals. The fence is a sign that says “Move Along.”
  5. They can improve your outdoor atmosphere. The right commercial fence can give a patio, deck, sidewalk, or pool area a feeling of privacy and security, as well as a tasteful flourish. Ornamental steel and aluminum fences gives a classier look, but faux stone or vinyl fencing is good for hiding less attractive neighboring properties and reducing noise pollution.
  6. They are part of your brand. Your brand is there whenever you have contact with the public, which means that the outside portion of your business is a constant “brand ambassador.” If your location(s) look secure yet inviting, large yet intimate, it will have a positive impact on how the public perceives your business.

When You Don’t Have a Privacy Fence…

On the other hand, there are several disadvantages to not having a commercial privacy fence. When commercial customers come to us here at Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions, we hear a lot about the “pain points” that have convinced business owners to finally come to us and invest in a fence. For example, we hear business owners complain about:

  • Ugly surroundings. Ugly buildings, abandoned lots, and other eye-sores aren’t exactly what your customers want to see when approaching or leaving your building, or sitting in your outdoor area!
  • Distractions. Passing pedestrians or cars can keep potential customers from enjoying themselves– and your service.
  • Ruined atmosphere. There’s a big difference from an outdoor patio and a few tables thrust outside. The right atmosphere is needed for patrons to enjoy themselves, and they need to enjoy themselves if you want them to come back to your restaurant, cafe, or outdoor area.
  • The “Nope” Factor. The “Nope” Factor happens when a customer walks up to your storefront or restaurant, takes a look at the outside, pauses, then says “Nope!” before walking away. Obviously, a clean, safe, and inviting look is needed to protect against the “Nope” Factor. Besides attractive window displays and a clean entrance, commercial privacy fencing is one of the best safeguards against customers looking and saying “Nope!”

Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions can help you pick the type of aluminum fence that is right for you

Finding a Commercial Fence Company Near Me

The quality of your fence depends on a few factors, including the material, the brand, and the quality and professionalism of the commercial fencing companies providing the fence. When searching for a commercial fence company “near me,” keep in mind that not all commercial fencing companies are the same.

We would love it if you started your search with us here at Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions. We provide a number of high-quality commercial fences at the lowest possible prices, all professionally installed and sure to save you money in the long run.

Here are a few other things we bring to the table, and that you should look for in any commercial fence companies:

  1. Exclusive Use of Top-Quality Materials. You should only work with a commercial fencing company that is committed to using the best available materials. A really good one can find ways to get you these premium materials for less.
  2. Experience and Demonstrated Excellence. The only true way to get good at installing fences it to do it over and over again. We have done hundreds of successful installations or every type of maintenance-free fencing material, and we have reviews from satisfied customers to prove it.
  3. Knowledge of Local Ordinances and Codes. Your fencing project is subject to various local ordinances and codes that vary from location to location. The fence company you choose should have expertise with all the laws and ordinances, helping you to avoid costly fees and penalties (not to mention hassle).
  4. Excellence in Service and Support. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau–how many commercial fencing companies can say that? We believe in working with you to discover your exact needs and provide a solution that is in-budget. Along the way, you’ll get respectful, professional service and ongoing support should you have questions, concerns, or unexpected issues.

Stop researching it and pull the trigger already. There are almost all upsides, and no downsides, to getting a high-quality commercial privacy fence for your business. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

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