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When you invest your heart and soul – and especially your life savings – into your company, you want to do everything you can to protect it. Whether that means arming it against intruders and hazards or creating an environment that keeps customers streaming in and your revenue stream flowing.

If you’re building a new business in St. Louis, renovating the one you currently have or expanding your company, commercial fencing should be part of your design plan. Along with choosing the best architect, engineer, and interior designer, choosing the right commercial fencing supplier can pull the exterior look of your facility together – and protect your employees, customers, and tenants inside for years to come.

Who Needs Commercial Fencing in St. Louis?

Commercial fencing isn’t usually at the top of mind when designing a facility, but it’s an important piece of your overall project. It’s especially critical if your business is in a high-traffic area as it creates a clear delineation between your company and the area that surrounds it. In fact, the majority of companies in St. Louis can benefit from installing fencing in some capacity, especially since the types of fences available are as diverse as the businesses themselves.

How commercial fencing fits your company:

  • Dining establishmentsCommercial-grade aluminum fencing can create a safe outdoor eating area for customers, protecting them against parking lot and drive-through traffic and letting them enjoy St. Louis’s sunshine-filled days.
  • Apartment buildings and hotels: Your tenants and guests desire privacy when they’re sitting at home or in their rooms or just lounging by the pool. Vinyl privacy fencing in a smooth, CertaGrain, or CertaStucco finish keeps peeping toms out, but pairs perfectly with your facility’s design.
  • Spas and health clubs: Extend that feeling of relaxation outside your doors by creating an open-air seating or pool area outfitted with simulated stone fencing that mirrors the look of granite and natural stone.
  • Factories and warehouses: In heavy-duty, high-traffic, or high-crime industrial areas, you need the strength and security of ornamental steel fencing. With galvanized-steel fence materials and eye-catching accents, it offers both protection and style.

And that’s just the beginning – every business or organization, from schools and police stations to retail establishments and veterinarian clinics, can benefit from the advantages only high-quality commercial fencing can offer!

Security That Protects, Style That Invites



What to Look For in Commercial Fencing Contractors

A commercial fencing contractor should do more than simply install a fence around your building’s perimeter. They should be sure it fits your building’s aesthetics, meets your specific needs, and removes any maintenance from your very full plate.

As you research a contractor for your project, keep in mind that the right fencing contractor should:

  • Provide an estimate only after an on-site visit when they can learn your exact needs, whether that’s warding off intruders or setting the scene for al fresco dining.
  • Offer commercial fencing in a variety of grades, colors, heights, and styles that complement your facility and the accessories to make it your own.
  • Work closely with your architect and landscape designer to ensure the fencing fits in their blueprints to guarantee a seamless installation process.
  • Offer the best in low maintenance fencing supplies and materials – ones that can stand up to the harsh St. Louis weather without bending, bowing, rotting, rusting, or corroding.
  • Respect your budget and offer solutions that not only suit what you have in mind but your bottom line.
  • Guarantee their work and be available to fix right away any issues that arise.

As a leading commercial fence supplier and installer in St. Louis, Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions specializes in protecting and enhancing local businesses. We carry the industry’s top commercial fencing brands, all made right here in the U.S., and work one-on-one with you to discover the best option for your business and your budget. In addition, our commercial fencing requires virtually no maintenance for the life of your business to be sure it represents the solid reputation you’ve built over the years.

Most important, every commercial project from Maintenance-Free is backed by the Maintenance-Free Advantage, our promise of every day low prices, superior quality, and service. With unparalleled experience, our no subcontractor policy, and minimum 25-year manufacturing warranties, you have fewer things to worry about when it comes to your business.

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A St. Louis Fencing Company Focused on Your Business

For more than 20 years, Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions has kept St. Louis businesses safer with high-quality commercial fencing. As an A+ BBB Accredited Contractor, we know how important customer service is to you because you deliver it yourself. That’s why we provide free no-obligation quotes to business owners and our own satisfaction guarantee. To schedule your on-site estimate, contact us, your commercial fencing team, and begin benefitting from a safer – and more stylish – exterior.