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Our Commercial fencing and gates secure Noodles & Company’s outdoor seating space

Looking for local experts in commercial fencing? You’ve come to the right place. We are St. Louis’s trusted source for commercial fencing and gates, and our experts are ready to answer your questions about securing your commercial property.

Here are some of the topics our customers ask about most:

Just what is “commercial fencing”, and what kinds of businesses need it?

Commercial fencing is the term for fencing and gates located on or around a business property. To do its job, commercial fencing has to be durable, aesthetically pleasing, and add to the security of a commercial property– all while staying within a set, reasonable budget.

Commercial fencing and gates are very common in restaurants where there is a need to control the flow of traffic in and out of the property, or that have outdoor seating. It is also found outside retail stores, shopping centers, hotels, rental properties, and condominiums.

Examples of commercial fencing include:

Restaurant patio fences/Restaurant patio barriers

Outdoor patio fencing for restaurants must be eye-catching and give patrons a feeling of privacy, both of which help to create the right atmosphere.

Sidewalk cafe barriers

Cafes thrive in areas with pedestrian traffic, but some separation is needed between patrons and passersby. A simple barrier can make a small cafe look larger and more inviting, too.

Outdoor cafe fencing

Even if your outdoor seating is not close to foot traffic, you’ll want the area to feel secure. A simple outdoor fence can do this.

Pool and patio fencing for condominiums and hotels

Many condominiums and hotels have shared spaces, most notable pools and patios. These need to be areas where guests can stay safe, and where access is strictly controlled. Commercial grade aluminum fencing is an especially good choice here.

Fencing for large retail stores

Large retail stores often want a distinct barrier between their properties and nearby features such as highways, throughways, and other large buildings. The sound-dampening qualities of faux-stone and faux-brick are great for this.

Fencing for small retail shops

Smaller retailers, too, will want to secure their lot and building while maintaining a welcoming appearance to attract customer. Faux-stone, vinyl, and ornamental steel all offer something to the small retail owner looking for commercial fencing and gates.

For a look at some of the commercial fencing and gates we’ve done for restaurants, cafes, and other commercial properties, see our showcase.

Ameristar commercial fencing and gates by Maintainfree.com of St. Louis

What kinds of commercial fencing and gates are available?

Whatever fencing you consider, ask what the maintenance and upkeep is like. Nothing is worse than getting a “deal” on outdoor restaurant fencing, for example, only to have it fall apart a year later. Or investing in a pool fence that need repair and repainting year after year.

With that in mind, there are four main types of commercial fencing and gates that we carry here at Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions:

  1. Aluminum Fencing (Elite brand). Mimics the look of wrought iron fencing, available in a number of different styles.
  2. Steel Fencing (Ameristar brand). Another alternative that mimics the look of wrought iron, but with much less maintenance.
  3. Vinyl Fencing (Bufftech brand). Available in a number of different colors, styles, and heights.
  4. Faux Stone/Faux Brick (SimTek brand). Available in an array of different designs that mimic the look or real stone. You can choose panels that have the color and pattern that best fits your look. Added bonus: SimTek panels dampen 98% of all incoming direct sound.

BBB - Better Business BureauWhy turn to Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions, as opposed to other St. Louis fencing companies?

Honestly, because we are the best commercial fence company in St. Louis.

We have:

  • Free On-site Estimates so you can decide before you buy.
  • Expert installation knowledge so that your job will be done right.
  • Quality low-maintenance fencing materials that can withstand anything the climate– or people–have to throw at it.
  • Unparalleled service because your business if your livelihood, and we want to make sure your commercial fencing and gates are built to specification, within budget.
  • An A+ Rating from the BBB for our stellar business practices and no-nonsense approach to your fencing needs.

You can also see some of our reviews and projects here.

Need more help picking out a fence for your property? See our checklist with the 13 Do’s and Don’ts when buying commercial fencing.

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