13 Commercial Fencing Do’s and Dont’s

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Are you in the market for a fence for your small business or rental property? If so, you might already have discovered that not all commercial fence contractors are the same. We’ve heard enough horror stories from customers who have come to us after another company failed to deliver a quality product on-time and on-budget. So we thought we would share some of the “do’s and don’ts” to keep in mind when you need a commercial fence and are evaluating commercial fence contractors:

Checklist: What to Do When Looking for Commercial Fencing Companies

People will tell you there’s a trade-off between quality, price, and reliability when it comes to commercial fences. That’s not true anymore. There are enough quality products out there, installed by companies with integrity and using efficient installation techniques, that you should not have to compromise with your commercial fence installation.


Here’s how to find the best commercial fencing company:

1. Look for companies with experience. A good way to start your search is to look for companies that have been around for a few years. Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions has been in business since 1994, and you know we would not have made it this long if we were doing substandard work!

2. Ask for design advice. If you have found an experienced installer, they should have no problem helping you design the right fence for your space. Ask questions up front and see how the company handles them!

3. Also ask about guarantees and warranties. The right fencing contractor will offer a factory warranty on the fences they carry, as well as a satisfaction guarantee on their installation. For instance, all fences we stock here at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions include limited lifetime warranties. Some products, like Bufftech vinyl fencing, offer an extra layer of protection to cover repair and replacement costs for five years.

4. Read reviews. In this day and age, there’s no excuse for not reading reviews. Hop online, do your search, and see what others have said about the companies you are considering. (We are so proud of the reviews we get, we’ve collected them and put them on our website.)

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Checklist: What to Do When Looking for Commercial Fencing Products

Once you have found a company you feel you can trust, here’s what you should look for in a commercial fencing product:

5. It should be inviting. Your fence does not need to be attention-grabbing or gimmicky, but it should not be off-putting either. It should give passersby the feeling that you’ve created a comfortable, safe space.

6.  It should be safe. That said, your fence shouldn’t just look safe, it should be safe as well. Your fence should be able to withstand the usual daily abuse without buckling, folding, or collapsing. There should be no snags or sharp edges, either. Finally, it should adequately secure your property, providing privacy and access control.

7. It should be low maintenance. As a business owner or manager, you have enough on your plate that you don’t need to worry about the condition of your fencing. Your fence should need little maintenance once installed.

8. The whole process should be cost effective. The product should be priced to reflect the value it brings to your property, and installation costs should be reasonable. But more importantly, your maintenance costs should be low. It makes no sense to install a slightly cheaper fence, only to have to replace large parts of it five or six years down the road.

Remember, if you’ve found a good contractor, they should be able to give you solid advice on which fencing product to get. For example, if you need a fence for security and privacy (around a condo pool, for example), your contractor should be able to point you to the products and brands that will best achieve this within your budget.

What you should expect from commercial fence contractors. You can trust Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions

Red Flags: What to Avoid in Commercial Fencing

Are there any red flags to watch for when shopping for a commercial fencing contractor? You bet. Here are a few:

9. Don’t be taken in by the pretty pictures. Any fence company can copy pictures of gorgeous properties with nice fences. But is the company just using stock photos, or do they have actual pictures from projects they have done recently?

10. They don’t ask questions or spend much time at your property. To get the right fence for your commercial property, a contractor will need to discuss your specific needs and budget, as well as take ample measurements of your property, inspect the condition of the area, and so on. If a company does not offer to do these things, or only does them grudgingly, that is a bad sign.

11. No price breakdown? If a company won’t give you an estimate, or gives you only a “ballpark” estimate and does not break down the price in terms of material, installation, etc., as well as cost by linear foot…those are all red flags.

12. Shy away from “cash only” companies. If a company demands to be paid in cash, stay away. This goes double if they want cash up front. A reputable company will accept multiple forms of payment and will not bill you until you are completely satisfied.

13. Can’t find their local address and phone number? Always deal with a local company, if for no other reason than they will know local ordinances when it comes to commercial fence installation. (This is why we advertise that we are a St. Louis-based fencing company all the time.)

Taking that First Step: Approaching Commercial Fence Contractors

Most commercial fencing contractors are eager to serve and ready to take your call or email. To make that initial contact go as smoothly as possible, get together the following:

  • Have a clear idea of what your needs are, and be able to say why you want a new fence.
  • Create a list of questions so that you can have a productive conversation. For example, what types of fence are recommended for your kind of establishment? Are workers bonded and insured? Etc.
  • Also have in mind what your rough budget is.
  • Have your calendar ready, so you can make an appointment for a consultation.

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