Why Elite Fencing is Your Best Bet For Commercial Fencing Supplies

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If your business has been scouring the internet for “the best commercial fence company near me”… look no further. Many businesses in the St. Louis area, from O’Fallon to Perryville, Pacific to Edwardsville, have turned to Elite brand fencing for their commercial fencing needs.

But, to truly get your money’s worth, you’ll need to get your Elite commercial fence from one of several reputable commercial fencing companies – a company like Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions.

Elite Fencing for Commercial Properties?

Elite fencing is the name of a family of aluminum fencing products made by the Elite Fence Products Company, based in Michigan. This aluminum fencing is known nationwide for its durability, safety, and low maintenance, and is a favorite for businesses in St. Louis city and county, as well as St. Charles county.

Elite’s commercial grade aluminum fencing is ideal for light commercial applications, including cafes, small retail shops, and apartment and condominium complexes. In particular, the horizontal rails on an Elite fence have been specially engineered to maximize strength while still looking stylish. Fences also come in standard heights of 4’, 5’, and 6’, so you can purchase a fence system that meets the needs of your commercial property.

Though durable, Elite fencing does not skip on aesthetics. Elite aluminum fencing is available in seven standard styles and six standard colors: Black, White, Quaker Bronze, Beige and Hartford Green. Several accessories (such as butterfly scrolls and circles) are also available to put the final touches on your Elite fence.

Learn more about Elite Fence commercial grade aluminum fencing.

Aluminum, Steel, what’s best for your needs? Let us guide you!

Why is Aluminum the Right Choice for Your Commercial Property?

Commercial grade aluminum fencing for Elite has several advantages for the St. Louis business owner:

  • Aluminum is impervious to the elements; with the proper coating, it will not corrode, rust, or warp. (By contrast, steel can corrode, iron rusts, and wood warps.)
  • Aluminum tends to remain pest free, and so will never be home to insects or other unwanted guests.
  • Aluminum is easy to work with for the manufacturer, so there are more beautiful styles available, typically, when compared to other materials.
  • Because our aluminum has the best protective coating available, it will not fade with time, maintaining that “new” look.
  • For businesses that need to work within a budget, aluminum is a much more economical choice in terms of up-front price.
  • Aluminum fencing can save money in the long run, too. Because it rarely needs to be maintained or replaced (hence maintenance free), you’ll save these yearly costs, getting more return on your dollar.
  • Finally, aluminum fencing retains its value over time. This means that it will not only enhance your commercial property’s value, but that value add will no decrease as rapidly with time as it would with, for example, a wood or chain link fence.

(Stuck deciding between aluminum and ornamental steel for your commercial fence? See our handy comparison guide here.)

Why you should choose Elite aluminum from MFOS, your St. Louis commercial fence company

Where Should You Get Elite Aluminum Fencing for Your Business?

When searching for an aluminum fence company “near me” keep in mind that not all commercial fencing companies are the same.

We know there are other companies in the area– in Chesterfield, Kirkwood, or down on Lemay Ferry. And we would never speak badly about the competition.

But we do know what we here at Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions brings to the table:

  1. Top Quality Products. When we tell you that Elite aluminum fencing is a great investment for your commercial property, we aren’t just making that up, or worse, getting a kick-back for doing so. Decades of experience and research go into every fencing recommendation we make.
  2. Superior Installation Methods. We offer professional installations for our aluminum fences, gates, accessories, and more. With hundreds of installations of this product alone, we know how to plan, estimate, layout, and execute your commercial fencing job precisely.
  3. Competitive Pricing. It has always been our philosophy to offer the best quality products at the lowest possible prices. We might not always be the lowest, but we will always be the best value for the dollar.
  4. Excellent Customer Service. Helping property owners choose and plan their fence, performing top quality installations in a timely manner, and educating our customers on how to care for their product are just a few of the services we offer.

For examples of some of installations we’ve done, we invite you to view our commercial fencing page to see our showcase.

Or, if you are ready to start planning out your Elite aluminum fence today with one of the best commercial fence companies in the area, choose an option to get started.

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