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If you have a commercial property—say an office, store, or restaurant—you want that property to be safe, attractive, and able to control the flow of people into and out of your business.

In other words, you need a durable, high-quality fence or railing installed. But not all commercial fence companies are the same: Too many cut corners by hiring inexperienced labor or by using brands and materials that are not high-quality. In addition, some companies may only offer fencing but not railing, which limits your options.

That’s not who we at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions are all about. The whole point of maintenance-free fencing and railing is to have a solution that will stand the test of time. That only happens if the job is carefully planned, correctly installed, and built with the best materials and engineering – by one of the area’s best commercial fence companies. Only then will your product truly be maintenance-free, functional, and beautiful.

To see what we mean, check out some of the maintenance-free commercial grade fences and railings we’ve installed all around the St. Louis area:

A vinyl fence that Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions installed at a Taco Bell in the St. Louis area

Vinyl Fencing

Our vinyl fencing offers dependable performance at an economical price, with features you’d expect to find on higher-end fence products. It is appropriate for both residential and commercial use, and popular for apartment buildings, hotels, and restaurants.

Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions installed this commercial grade aluminum railing at Andy’s Frozen Custard in Ballwin, Missouri

Commercial Grade Aluminum Railing

Our commercial grade aluminum fence and railings are ideal for restaurants, stores, and office complexes, as well as apartments and condominium complexes.

Most commercial fence companies don’t use simulated stone fencing, however, Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions does

Simulated Stone Fencing

Simulated stone fencing is some of the most attractive fencing a property can have. We use SimTek stone fencing, which has the look and feel of a real granite wall. It’s made from polyethylene, which is the same type of plastic used to make Little Tikes™ playground equipment. This is a popular choice for restaurants,  spas, health clubs, hotels, or any other business where peaceful surroundings are needed to help customers relax.

Industrial grade fencing installed by Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions is a great choice for securing industrial and commercial properties

Commercial Grade and Industrial Grade Ornamental Steel Fencing

Ornamental steel fences provide the distinctive look of a wrought-iron fence, but with none of the maintenance demanded by wrought-iron. For these reasons, ornamental steel is overtaking both wrought-iron and chain-link as the materials of choice for protecting and securing industrial and commercial properties.

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What to Look for in Commercial Fence Companies

Of course, we would love it if you came to us for all your commercial fencing needs. But we understand that you need to do your due diligence too. When shopping around, be sure to look for the following signs that you are dealing with reputable companies. The best commercial fence companies will have all of these things:

  • Free Estimates. This is a no-brainer these days. If a company charges you for plans, or a “site visit,” stay away. They are not interested in selling you a fence. A good company should make it easy to get an estimate.
  • On-Site Visits. That said, the best commercial fence companies know not to throw out a figure until they’ve see the property and talked to you about your specific needs. (This is why you should be careful with online price estimation tools, too!)
  • Expert Installation Knowledge. Has the company done work for commercial properties before? Can they answer specific questions about their products and its installation? There are so many things that can go wrong with an installation, and it is well worth it to hire an expert who has seen it all.
  • Quality Low-Maintenance Fencing Materials. The St. Louis climate can be harsh. Your fencing materials should be able to withstand wind, sun, rain, and snow without bending, bowing, rotting, or rusting.
  • A Good Service “Vibe.” Is the company committed to your satisfaction, or are you just another ticket to them, needing to be worked through the system? You can usually tell right away by their behavior. Is it easy to speak to a person when you call, not a machine? Does that person treat you with respect? If you set an appointment, do they show up on time and respect your property? Do they answer questions? Fix problems? At all times, service should be #1.
  • An A+ Rating from the BBB. BBB-accredited businesses are held to strict standards and ethical business practices, including honest advertising, consumer privacy safeguards, and consumer disclosure. The BBB grades all businesses, from A+ to F, based on factors like number of complaints, time in business, and transparency. We do not recommend working with any fencing company that does not have an A+ rating!
  • High Quality Reviews. Google, Facebook, BBB, Home Advisor, and Angie’s List are all great places to look for commercial fence company reviews. In today’s day and age it’s important to see what former customers have to say about their experience with the fence/railing company they chose. You can learn what’s good or bad about the commercial fence companies you’re considering before you make initial contact. Why choose to get an estimate from a company who doesn’t satisfy most of their customers?

And yes, we here at Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions hold ourselves to these standards as well! We’ve been in business for more than 20 years, and over that time we’ve been consistently rated as an A+ by the BBB. We provide commercial customers with free estimates after an extensive on-site visit to determine your needs. And we are dedicated to the highest levels of service, quality materials, and competitive prices.

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