What is Cheap Fencing Really Costing You?

cheap fencing

When you’re up against a tight home improvement budget, the lure of the lowest priced fencing materials is often too enticing to pass up. While you may feel victorious with your find today, down the road, that cheap fencing can take a big bite of your wallet and swallow up your free time.

As you begin comparing fencing options for your home, it’s critical to weigh the pros and cons before making your decision. In addition to the cost of materials and installation, you need to consider upkeep, durability, and warranty options. When you crunch the numbers, that good buy may not be the best buy after all.

Possible Problems You Face with Cheap Fencing

The impact on your home’s value. Studies show privacy fencing offers one of the highest returns on investment when you put your home on the market. That is, if it’s high-quality, low-maintenance fencing that complements your house, yard, and neighborhood. Lower-end fencing can quickly appear worn and shoddy if not properly maintained, affecting your home’s curb appeal. And if buyers think the fence will require continual upkeep or need to be replaced, it can be an immediate turn-off in the competitive St. Louis real estate market.

Costly upkeep and replacement. Low-grade vinyl fencing is often flimsy, unable to stand up to the harsh St. Louis weather, and can quickly yellow in our brutal summer sun. Untreated wood fencing can rot and crack in just a few years. In fact, fences in spruce or pine need to be completely replaced within four to 12 years. High-quality, maintenance-free fencing, on the other hand, lasts for decades, meaning you pay just one upfront cost instead of forking over funds for repeated replacements.

A pain to restain. Experts recommend washing and restaining your wood fencing every two to three years. According to HomeAdvisor.com, the cost for professional staining runs $850 on average. So within a 10-year period, you could drop up to $2,500 in restaining alone! And if you do the job yourself, you still have to pay for stain and equipment, not to mention invest a big chunk of your time in getting the work done.

Compromised safety. In many cases, a homeowner purchases a fence to keep their pets and family safer outdoors. Unfortunately, cheap wood fencing can often deteriorate and crack. These types of problems put your family at risk of splinters and cuts, and can lean or break in extreme weather, increasing the risk of injury in your backyard.

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Maintenance-Free – Trusted Fencing for Every Budget

Stop wasting money on cheap fencing materials, invest it in high-grade vinyl, aluminum, simulated stone, or ornamental steel fencing. Products perfect for your home and budget. You’ll quickly discover spending a few dollars more now can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, over the next few years. Plus, if you purchase your fencing through Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, in most cases, your selection includes a limited lifetime warranty for an additional piece of mind.

maintain advantageContact Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions in St. Louis today to learn more about your fencing options and to receive a free estimate. And if you still need convincing about upgrading to a better quality fence, check out our Maintenance-Free Advantage. We’re confident in our best everyday value.

What is Cheap Fencing Really Costing You?

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