How to Care for Your Aluminum or Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence Curb Appeal

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Care for your aluminum or vinyl fence and give your property curb appeal with a great looking fence

One of the first things you notice when you look at a piece of property – home, business, church, park etc – is the fence. Even though they are not designed as focal points, they take up a lot of real estate and complement the look of everything around them. For that reason, you want the fence you have at your property to look great at all times. If you have an aluminum or vinyl fence, used these tips to care for it properly:

How to Care for a Vinyl Fence

The great thing about vinyl fences is that they require very little care, especially when compared to other common fencing materials. But exposure to the elements, and especially lawn care, can leave them looking a step below what you would prefer. If your fence appears dirty, simply gather together a hose, a bucket with soapy water, a few clean rags, and a soft scrub brush. Start by spraying down any areas that have accumulated grass or dirt stains. In most instances this is all it will take, but some larger stains may require you to resort to your soapy water, rags, and in very rare instances your scrub brush.

There are also a few things you should never do to try to care for a vinyl fence. First never paint the fence because the paint will not adhere properly to the surface. Second, never put a BBQ grill next to the fence as the heat will warp the vinyl material. Finally, do not screw any attachments into the fence as this could void the warranty.

How to Care for an Aluminum Fence

It is even easier to care for an aluminum fence than a vinyl fence. Since the slats are thin and farther apart they do not pick up dirt and grime easily. Plus, since aluminum fences are usually a darker color, whatever dirt is there does not show easily. If and when you do decide to clean the fence, however, all you will need is a hose, a bucket of soapy water, and a scrub brush. Hose down the fence and then use the soapy water and brush to address any problem areas. Just make sure you do not use harsh cleaning substances.

Fence Care is Easy with Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions

As you can see, taking care of these two types of fences really could not be easier. In the case of vinyl, you may have to wash it once a year. With aluminum, you can probably go even longer between washings. Did you know that it could be just as easy to care for your deck and railing if you only used the right materials? Download the free eBook “Understanding the Maintenance Free Lifestyle” to learn everything you need to know.

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