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Bufftech vinyl fencing by CertainTeed is a great choice for vinyl fencing

Fencing is a great way to add value to your St. Louis area home, but only if you get a high-quality product that shows off the beauty of your space. If you’re looking for such a product, you may want to consider a Certainteed Vinyl Fence (Bufftech fence). Certain is from the same company that brings you Simtech faux stone fencing panels. CertainTeed Bufftech panels are made to replicate the look of wooden fences in a variety of trendy styles, giving the impression of planks, posts, panels, and/or latticework, depending on the style you choose. This gives homes a comfortable yet classy look, but without the headaches of caring for wood fencing.

So, whether you want a spaced picket fence to show off your landscaping, or a privacy fence that keeps your family and pets off display, CertainTeed’s Bufftech vinyl fence line is a great choice.

The six different styles of bufftech fence that Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions carries

Bufftech has six main styles, many of which are available in different colors and patterns. This gives you several choices for finding the fence that suits your needs and your particular tastes. To see what we mean, here are some popular types of Bufftech fencing:

The Value of a CertainTeed Bufftech Fence

Bufftech fences are often of great value to contractors and DIYers because:

They come from high-quality raw materials.

Bufftech materials and construction are consistent. From panel to panel, picket to picket, they’re composed of carefully selected ingredients that increase durability and long-term performance.

They have superior stability and impact resistance.

Bufftech vinyl fence products use a steel-reinforced bottom rail, making for a stronger, more rigid fence. This helps prevent warping and sagging, meaning that fence will continue to be straight and upright for years to come. The pickets themselves are heavier than average, which helps Bufftech fences better resist impacts and warping.

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They resist fading.

The material in Bufftech products uses a high percentage of titanium dioxide (TiO2), which helps protect the vinyl from damaging UV rays. Without it, vinyl fencing cracks over time and becomes brittle, especially with exposure to the sun. The concentration of TiO2 in Bufftech fences is much higher than that found in most “value” vinyl products, giving it better superior fading resistance.

They are building code compliant.

CertainTeed vinyl fences, including Bufftech, have styles that are great for use around swimming pools and in high-wind conditions. Additionally, they meet the strict standards of ASTM International.

The just look good.

With high-quality materials and solid construction, a Bufftech fence will stand tall and proud for a long time. The designs look like any other kind of wood or picket fencing that has been professionally installed. The fasteners for the fencing system are concealed, meaning that Bufftech fences have a sleek, clean look once they are up–no unsightly brackets, screws, or glue will show.

A semi-privacy vinyl bufftech fence is a great option offered by Maintain Free Outdoor Solutions

Finding the Top Vinyl Fence Manufacturers

Naturally, we here at Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions would not recommend CertainTeed products if we did not feel that they were one of the best Vinyl Fence Manufacturers on the market. Their commitment to quality, solid construction and customer satisfaction make them an ideal choice for homeowners who want to add value to their house with less ongoing maintenance than a wood fence.

However: When most customer search for the top fence manufacturers in town, often they are not looking for who makes the fence, but who can answer questions about the fence and, eventually, get it professionally installed. That’s where we come in.

We’ve been offering maintenance-free fence, rail, deck, and lighting since 1994. We have a particular expertise in planning and installing all CertainTeed products, including a Bufftech fence. We can help you plan your fence installation but working through some of the bigger questions with you, and then execute on that plan. Your new fence will look great, and bring value to your home no matter which outdoor space it protects, whether it’s the front, side, or back of your property.

More importantly, we take your trust seriously. We’ve been serving St. Louis area families and businesses for over two decades, and are proud with our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

You can always contact us for a FREE estimate, or just to ask questions:

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