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what is Maintenance-Free Fencing

What is Maintenance-Free Fencing?

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A great alternative to a conventional fence

This is a common question and one that many people are confused by. Because while most people have an idea of what maintenance-free fencing is, they don’t realize how truly varied and versatile it can be. In order to answer all your questions about this exciting home and business improvement option, we have put together this simple guide. Read More

fixer upper

Five “Fixer Upper” Tips We Love from Chip and Joanna Gaines

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From their base in Texas, Chip and Joanna Gaines have inspired homeowners across the country to turn their outdated and boring abode into the home of their dreams. While many of us fantasize about living in Waco so Magnolia Homes and HGTV’s Fixer Upper can handle our home transformation, the majority of us are left to tackle renovations on our own. Read More

Durable Fencing solution

Why a Durable Fencing Solution Matters

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The Importance of Durable Fencing in St. Louis

An essential consideration when buying a new fence

When you are looking for a new fence in the St. Louis area, durability is probably not the criteria you’re most focused on. You want to find a fencing option that looks great, fits in with your property, and doesn’t break your budget. And while all of those are important to consider, going with durable fencing is just as important. Here’s why: Read More

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Backyard Landscaping Ideas to Welcome St. Louis Fall Weather

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For many St. Louisans, fall is a season to celebrate! With our beautiful fall colors and cozy sweatshirt weather, we flock to the outdoors to soak up every last sunny day before the chill of winter hits.

As a homeowner, you can easily turn your backyard into the ultimate destination for football watch parties, fire pit soirees, and Oktoberfest bashes. The right backyard landscaping ideas and autumn-inspired accents instantly dress up your yard for any event while giving it a visual pop you’ll enjoy every day of the week. Read More

What is Vinyl Fencing

What is Vinyl Fencing? Why Does it Make for a Durable Fencing Material?

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A home says a lot about the owner inside, and the vinyl fencing they choose to surround it with speaks to their impeccable style and financial savvy. More and more homeowners across St. Louis are showing off both by outfitting their yards with vinyl fencing. And for a good reason – with its incredible durability and unmatched versatility, vinyl has become the top fence material for today’s modern home. In fact, according to a study of the fencing industry, the demand for vinyl fence supplies is set to skyrocket over the next 10 years. Read More

maintenance-free fencing defined

Maintenance-Free Fencing Defined: Durability and Style

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Maintenance-Free Fencing Defined

Hands-down, if you live in or around St. Louis, maintenance-free fencing is the best investment you can make, now and into the future.

You may not have heard of maintenance-free fencing before, but you have almost certainly seen it.  St. Louis, MO is big on maintenance-free fencing.  Take a ride around any neighborhood, and you are bound to see many maintenance-free fencing installations. Read More

Vinyl Privacy Fence

Choose a Vinyl Privacy Fence to Protect and Secure Your Home

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Even in the friendliest of St. Louis neighborhoods, sometimes you just want a getaway all to yourself. A vinyl privacy fence can help you turn off the everyday chaos around you, creating an oasis free of intrusion, noise, and prying eyes. Just as important, it adds an extra level of protection to your home or pool so no one can get in or out without an invite from you.

Read More


Requesting HOA Approval with Smart Communication Tips

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Oh, the mighty homeowner’s association (HOA) and its epic reign on your neighborhood. On one hand, they’re your hero, protecting your property value by enforcing regulations against bad paint jobs, overgrown laws, and rusted-out cars in your neighbors’ driveways. On the other, the moment you accidentally step out of line with a home improvement project, they’re on your doorstep, pointing fingers at your rebellious disregard for their rules. Read More

Vinyl Fence Style

Choosing the Right Vinyl Fence Style – The Best Option for Homeowners

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You finally made up your mind. After choosing between wood or vinyl fencing and weighing the pros and cons of each, you’ve determined a vinyl fence is the best option for your St. Louis home (wise choice, by the way!)

While your decision is a smart one, it’s just the first of many you’ll have to make as you narrow down your options. With a variety of vinyl fence styles, textures, colors, and accessories available, finding your perfect match can send your head spinning. But when you dig deeper into your needs and talk with an experienced contractor about design, you can rest assured your new fence will be picture perfect. Read More

Stone Fencing

Choosing Stone Fencing for Your Ultimate Backyard Oasis

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When the work week becomes overwhelming, you need somewhere you can escape to. A place where you can relax with a cold drink, a lounge chair, and peace and quiet.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a spa weekend, stick close to home and retreat to a mini-getaway in your own backyard week after week. Simulated stone fencing recreates the natural, Zen-like elements popular among spa and hotel interiors, but offers the privacy every weekday warrior desires after long days in the office. Read More

Fencing in St. Louis

The Importance of Fencing in St. Louis

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The St. Louis region offers an unmatched variety of neighborhoods, communities, and municipalities. Whether you live in a 19th-century-row house in Lafayette Square, a ranch house in Hazelwood, or a renovated farmhouse in Jefferson County, you want the same things for your home and family as your fellow St. Louisans – security, privacy, and comfort, and all at a price you can afford. Read More

Installing a Chain Link Fence

Five Reasons to Rethink Installing a Chain Link Fence

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Residential chain link fence used to be a popular fencing option in the metro St. Louis area. Many homeowners chose it because it’s cheap, easy to install, and well, everyone else was using it. But installing a chain link fence is no longer the preferred choice of residential fencing. Read More

Fence Shopping

Fence Shopping Made Easy for St. Louis Homeowners

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If you’re a St. Louis homeowner fence shopping for the first time, your options can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to choose between fence types, materials, and styles, but also find and select a fencing contractor you can trust. Make the right decisions, and you have a great fence that protects and beautifies your home. Make the wrong ones, and you could spend endless hours maintaining your fence or hundreds of dollars repairing it down the road.
Read More

Staining a Deck

Staining a Deck 101 – Expectations Versus Reality

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A wood deck offers months of family fun in the great outdoors. It also requires hours, if not days, of deck maintenance each year to keep that fun going strong.

According to industry professionals, wood decking needs to be stained every two to three years to keep it in tip-top shape. But in St. Louis, staining a deck may be required more often thanks to fading and wear from summer’s blistering sun and winter’s ice and snow. In most cases, decks take on a two-tone look as the vertical railings keep their shade while horizontal floors and steps take the beating from use and weather.
Read More

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