Backyard Landscaping Ideas to Welcome St. Louis Fall Weather

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

For many St. Louisans, fall is a season to celebrate! With our beautiful fall colors and cozy sweatshirt weather, we flock to the outdoors to soak up every last sunny day before the chill of winter hits.

As a homeowner, you can easily turn your backyard into the ultimate destination for football watch parties, fire pit soirees, and Oktoberfest bashes. The right backyard landscaping ideas and autumn-inspired accents instantly dress up your yard for any event while giving it a visual pop you’ll enjoy every day of the week.

Start Your Fall Yard Projects With These Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Add Texture to Your Yard

Hearty ornamental grasses like little bluestem and New Zealand wild grass retain their color well into fall and are perennial, so the beauty comes back year after year. When paired with plants like mums, violas, or pansies, they add visual interest that grabs your visitors’ attention.

Shop For Colorful Shrubs and Small Trees

Apple Serviceberry Shrubs offer pink flowers in the spring and brilliant orange leaves in the fall. An Amur Maple’s or Burning Bush’s bright red leaves perfectly accessorize gray or white homes come autumn. Best of all, fall is one of the best times to plant shrubs and trees, and you can save huge as nurseries clear out their stock for winter.

Get Your Veggies In

Winter vegetables like kale, cabbage and rainbow chard create a show-stopping garden in your yard. You can also build a squash arch that plays up the plant’s green leaves and yellow veggies – perfect as a fall accent. Best of all, you have a fresh stock of produce for warm fall soups!

Go Creative With Fall Planter Ideas

Fill small galvanized tubs with colorful grasses and plants of varying heights. Plant mums in an elevated planter and fill in the open space with small gourds or pumpkins. Clean out a large pumpkin and place an arrangement of fall plants inside it. In just minutes, you can give your patio or deck a whole new look.

Enhance Your Lighting

When temperatures are still on the warm side, but dark comes earlier, it’s important to have proper lighting to keep the party going well into fall – and into the night. Café string lights are simple and affordable, yet create the perfect atmosphere for an outdoor dinner. Replace the lights in a salvaged, rustic chandelier with LED lights, and hang it on a tree. Or better, yet install under rail or post lights on your deck for year-round lighting.


Before you can begin your renovation process, it is good to start your work with a clean slate. It’s easy to slack off outside when the weather starts getting a little drearier. Remove dead or dying summer plants, pull out weeds, clean out gutters, and rake up your leaves. Right away, your yard looks autumn-ready!

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The Season to Take Your Backyard Landscaping Ideas Further

The best way to dress up your St. Louis home this season? Install new vinyl fencing from Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions.

Available in a variety of colors and styles, a vinyl fence pulls your entire look together, making it the perfect background for those gorgeous fall plants and flowers. Better yet, it requires zero maintenance so you can focus on more important fall activities, like pumpkin and apple picking.Backyard Landscaping Ideas


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