Choosing the Right Ameristar Fence Products

Ameristar pointed steel fence

Looking for a fence for your yard that adds a touch of character without the need for constant maintenance? Ameristar fence products from Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions offer all the luxury and durability of ornamental wrought iron fences—but without the high cost and time-consuming maintenance.

In fact, Ameristar fences are one of the top brands available in the U.S., and with good reason:

  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.
  • Won’t rust like iron.
  • Special E-Coat helps resist corrosion.
  • Laser welded for maximum strength.
  • “Good neighbor” fences, with an identical appearance on both sides.
  • All Terrain Flexibility (ATF) panel design means they can adapt to slopes and severe grade changes.

So the real question is: Which Ameristar fence products are right for you?

To start, consider: Do you need backyard fencing, pool fencing, or pet fencing?

Ameristar Steel Fence for Backyard Fencing

Any fence that separates your yard from the outside world will need to be as sturdy as it is beautiful. It should stand up not only to the weather but to falling tree limbs and roughhousing kids.

For this reason, we recommend an Ameristar Steel Fence from the Montage or Montage plus line. The steel construction and laser welding guarantee durability, and the E-coat helps resist corrosion as well as the elements. As an added bonus, the panels of a Montage or Montage plus fence can accommodate up to 48” or rise over 8’, meaning that a sloping yard is no problem and will not result in an unappealing “stepped” look to your fence.

When selected a Montage style, we recommend a taller fence post (5’ to 6’). This makes a fence that is harder to scale, providing additional security.

If you want a nice, traditional look to your fence, we recommend the classic or warrior styles.

classic and warrior comparison of ameristar steel fence

Ameristar Aluminum Fence or Steel Fence for Pool Fencing

If what you need is a fence around your pool, you don’t necessarily need fencing that is as tall as a full backyard fence. But you will want the same durability. So, a Montage steel fence or Echelon aluminum fence would work well for you.

One of the nice things about these fence styles is that they look the same from both sides, and so your fence will look great whether you are viewing it from your house, your yard, or from around the pool. Secure it with a matching gate to keep kids, pets, and unwanted visitors out of your pool when you are not there.

When choosing a style, we recommend a shorter fence (4’ is a good height). The Majestic and Genesis styles are popular for pools.

comparison between majestic and genesis ameristar steel fence

Ameristar Fencing for Pet Fencing

The important thing to keep in mind with Pet Fencing is the spacing between the pickets. If the space is too large, a pet can possibly bite or claw people on the other side of the fence, or even escape if space is large enough.

Also, some people worry about pets that try to jump or scale fences. For this reason, they usually avoid fences with a sharper point near the top, like the Warrior fence, and instead opt for more protected styles such as the Crescent.

crescent style ameristar steel fence

Ameristar Fence Products Available in the St. Louis Area

Are you in St. Louis and considering Ameristar fencing for a more affordable and stylish alternative to wrought iron fencing? Then you’re in luck.

As a supplier and installer of Ameristar fencing, our Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions has outfitted St. Louis homes and businesses with ornamental steel and aluminum fences for the past 20 years. In addition to the Ameristar fence warranty, we include our own Maintenance-Free Advantage guarantee for your peace of mind, year after year.

Still have questions about Ameristar products? Feel free to contact us, or schedule a free, no-obligation estimate so you can speak with one of our installation professionals.

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