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An Ameristar fence is a great non-wood alternative that offers elegance and durability

We’d all love to live in a luxurious, upscale home. Our budgets, however, might not allow us to move into a zip code where six-figure salaries are the norm. But there are little things you can do to create a more luxurious-feeling space, especially when it comes to your backyard. An Ameristar fence is one of those things.

Ameristar Fence products are sophisticated and elegant, yet also strong and economical.  Designed for style and engineered for security, each Ameristar steel fence is a perfect combination of beauty and brawn.

What is an Ameristar Fence?

Ameristar fences provide all the luxury and durability of an ornamental wrought iron fence, but without the high cost and time-consuming maintenance.

This is because Ameristar fences, like those found in their Montage line of fences, are made of steel using ProFusion welding technology. This gives them a strength and durability much greater than, say, an aluminum fence. They are also coated with a high-performance ‘E-Coat’ for better corrosion resistance. Together with the steel material, this makes Ameristar fences much less likely to rust, warp, or chip with time.

Ameristar fences are great for backyards, pools, and for keeping your dogs in the yard

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A Backyard (or Any Yard) Retreat

Wrought iron fences have been used for over a century, and are common in English-style gardens and those enclosed retreats common in downtown St. Louis. They have a simple yet expert-crafted look, and signal a mix of formal elegance, practicality, and attention to detail.

In the past, the downside of wrought iron-fencing was the installation and maintenance. Iron, even treated iron, had a tendency to rust, warp, or chip. The fences from Ameristar get around these worries by using steal treated with a high-performance coating. They make a great choice for fencing in a garden, pool area, patio, or other outdoor space.

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Need a Professional Ameristar Fence Dealer?

If the look of wrought iron appeals to you, or you simply want a secure fence that still affords a great view, you’ll want to speak with a professional dealer with experience in planning and installing Ameristar fences.

A couple happily gets a free estimate on an Ameristar fence for their backyard

Maintenance Free outdoor solutions has been doing Ameristar fence installations for decades. We specialize in non-wood fencing, including aluminum, vinyl and of course, ornamental steel. We do most of the installations ourselves, not through subcontractors, so you know you’ll be speaking and working with experienced experts. Most importantly, we’ll help you work through some of the big questions you’ll have to answer before installing your fence.

Most importantly, you’ll be working with a local dealer who knows St. Louis and its surrounding areas, and who can help give your home that historic St. Louis look. It’s no wonder the savviest of St. Louisans turn to Ameristar to increase their property’s value and curb appeal!

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