Five Reasons to Choose Aluminum Fencing for Your Home

Aluminum Fencing

Upgrade Any Property with Aluminum Fencing

A fence is too important to not choose the right option for materials

Ask someone to name the most common kinds of metal fences and they will probably tell you wrought iron and chain link. And while it’s true that both those materials are common, it’s also true that both of them have notable drawbacks. Wrought iron is expensive and hard to work with, and chain link is just plain ugly.

Luckily, there is an alternative to both of these materials that eliminates all of the drawbacks while providing some unique benefits – aluminum fencing. If you’re ready to build a new fence or replace an old one, aluminum fencing certainly deserves your consideration. Here are five reasons why:


Both chain link and wrought iron are available in a limited number of styles and present limitations for installation. Aluminum fencing, by contrast, can look classical or modern, understated or ornamental. Better still, it adapts easily to changes in the landscape allowing property owners to avoid gaps and unusual transitions. If you want to make an aesthetic statement, aluminum speaks loudly.

Cost Effective

Wrought iron fencing is some of the most expensive on the market. And while chain link may be cheap, you get what you pay for. Not only is aluminum fencing less expensive than the wrought iron it often mimics, the lifetime cost of ownership is less as well. You know something is a true value when you can pay less and get more.

Strong and Durable

Unlike wrought iron fencing which can rust and grow unsightly and corroded, aluminum fencing is largely impervious to the elements. The chemical composition of aluminum resists rust, plus it does not fade in the sun or rot over time. The fence you put up now is the same one you’ll enjoy in a decade, all without having to put in more time and money.

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Maintenance Free

This point is similar to the previous one but it bears repeating. Since aluminum does not rot, rust, or fade, and since it stands up so well to high winds, strong storms, and blowing debris, it’s highly likely that you will perform little to no maintenance over the lifetime of the fence. The best home improvements are the ones that provide a lasting improvement without requiring a reinvestment from you.

Environmentally Friendly

You know all those aluminum cans you throw into the recycle bin? A lot of them are reused to produce aluminum fencing. That makes this one of the most sustainable fencing materials available on the market. Without having to pay more or settle for less you can also make a powerful statement in favor of green living.

Aluminum Fencing is at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions

The question is really “why not use aluminum fencing?” The benefits are hard to deny and the drawbacks are even harder to find. When you’re ready to explore your options further, rely on the team at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions to provide you with expertise and assistance. In the meantime, download our free eBook to learn more about exciting maintenance free outdoor options.

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