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Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions can help you pick the type of aluminum fence that is right for you

Aluminum fencing is a great way to add a bit of class to your property without having to worry about frequent maintenance or replacement. In fact, there are many types of aluminum fencing. Which one is best for your property? Also, which aluminum fence company will steer you in the right direction, allowing you to make the appropriate choice?

Here at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, we help customers navigate answers to these questions all the time. To make this journey easier, we provide:

  • Free estimates. We’ll help you find the best fencing product for your property, then help you plan and budget your fence. (Get a free estimate now.)
  • Everyday low pricing. We hate playing pricing games. We would rather give our customers lower prices on all products, every day.
  • Great professional service. Don’t assume that all fence dealers and installers are reputable. And don’t take our word (or anyone’s word) for it when we say we provide the best service. Read the google reviews and see what our own customers have said.
  • Exclusive products. We’re proud to be an exclusive dealer of Elite Ornamental Aluminum Fencing here in the St. Louis metropolitan area.
  • Lifetime warranty. You shouldn’t have to panic if something goes wrong. All of our aluminum fences are backed by a lifetime warranty against material defects and that the paint finish will not crack, chip or peel for as long as you own the fence!

We’re proud to be St. Louis’s fencing company of choice since 1995!

Finding a good aluminum fence company that will help you pick the right fence can often be difficult, but Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions is here to help

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So Which Aluminum Fencing Product Should You Choose?

Which product you choose depends on what your needs are. Do you want a fancier wrought-iron look with ornamental accents? Or a basic security fence that will keep your premises secure? Being an elite aluminum fence company, we always talk with clients first to see what their needs are, and to also make sure we have the right product to meet those needs.

An aluminum fence can add class to your property, without requiring a lot of maintenance or upkeep

For example, our Elite aluminum fencing comes in a variety of grades and types. Which one you choose depends on your needs:

  • Residential Grade fencing is suitable for most homeowners backyards unless you expect your fence to be subjected to abuse such as a soccer ball or basketball hitting it repeatedly. Residental grade aluminum fencing does a great job containing small children and most kinds of dogs. If you expect the fence to be impacted by soccer or basketballs, then we recommend upgrading to commercial grade aluminum or to steel fencing.
  • For a small business, malls, apartment complexes, and so on, we recommend Commercial Grade fencing. This fencing is a little thicker, meaning that it can hold up better to the wear-and-tear that comes from being in a public space. Commercial grade fences are available in a variety of different heights and commonly requested colors.
  • For maximum strength, consider either a Light or Heavy Industrial grade aluminum fence. These fences stand can better withstand accidental hits and damage that can sometimes happen at, say, a loading dock. Like the Commercial Grade, there are a number of styles, sizes, and colors available–just because it’s industrial grade does not mean that it has to be an eyesore, too!
  • Speaking of an eyesore: Some people dislike the look of screws and fasteners on fences, preferring a cleaner look. All of the above fencing is available using Elite’s patent-pending “avalanche” style fencing, which hides screws on both sides of the fence section. You will only see screws where the rails connect to the posts.

When you are ready to contact a maintenance-free aluminum fence company, we hope you’ll come talk to us to find out your specific uses and needs. That way, we can guarantee that the fence you get truly will be maintenance free, and within budget.

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