7 Things to Consider When Hiring an Outdoor Fencing Company in St. Louis

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Did you know that more than 50,000 fence companies are operating throughout the U.S. at this time? That can make life very difficult for those who are interested in hiring an outdoor fence company to install a residential or commercial fence.

There are a number of companies capable of installing fencing for you in the St. Louis area, but not all of them are going to be right for the job. It’s up to you to make specific considerations before bringing an outdoor fence company on board for your fence installation project.

Do you need help deciding what to look for when searching for fence companies in St. Louis? You should do more than choose the fencing company that’s located closest to your home or business.

Here are seven things to consider when hiring at outdoor fence company in St. Louis.

1. Experience

The fencing industry as a whole has grown quite a bit over the last five years. It has experienced almost 5% growth since 2014 alone, and it’s expected to keep growing over the next five years.

This means that there are a lot of relatively new fence companies offering fencing products and services in places like St. Louis. These companies don’t have much experience when it comes to installing fences successfully.

When you’re thinking about working with an outdoor fence company, you should start by taking a look at how long they’ve been around now. In a perfect world, you should try to find a company that has been installing fences for 25 years or more.

You should also search for a company that has worked with thousands of residential and commercial property owners over the years. All of this experience will let you know that a fence company understands how to do important things like:

  • Pull the proper permits to put up a fence
  • Get in contact with utility companies to mark off underground utility lines
  • Decipher local zoning regulations and adhere to them
  • Handle grading issues and build fences on slopes

It takes years for outdoor fence installation companies to gain the necessary experience to deal with these types of issues. Make sure the company you choose in the end has the experience it takes to do an excellent job on your fence installation.

2. Fence Products

An outdoor fence company can have all the experience in the world and know how to install just about any type of fence for you. If they don’t have the right products in stock, though, look elsewhere for a company to assist you with fence installation.

Many fence companies will push chain-link and wooden fences on homeowners when they’re in the market for fencing. These types of fences aren’t the best fencing solutions for those looking to fence in their yards or put a fence around their homes.

If you want to invest in the best residential fences that money can buy, you’re much better off going with maintenance-free options like:

There are also great commercial fences for those who need to install fencing around all or part of a business. Whether you want to put up vinyl fencing in an apartment complex or high-security aluminum fencing around an industrial site, your fence company should be equipped with the products you need.

Furthermore, they should have a showroom that they use to showcase all of the residential and commercial fences that they have available. It’ll make it easy for you to look at different fences and choose the one that’s right for your property.

3. Sales Staff

When you’re in the process of picking out a fence for your home or business, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed. There are so many fences to choose from—and your head might start to spin because of it.

A great outdoor fence company will have a knowledgeable sales staff that can walk you through your options and explain the benefits of each type of fencing. They can also look at your residential or commercial property and suggest fences that might work best for it.

An outdoor fence company’s staff should recognize that people purchase fences for many different reasons. Some do it to improve the curb appeal of their homes, while others do it to give the security of their business a boost.

The staff should take the time to listen to why you need to install a fence before making suggestions to you. They should also have a wealth of experience that they use to recommend fences for your property based on fence installation projects they’ve helped out with in the past.

4. Installation Process

Would you like to install your own residential or commercial fence as opposed to having an outdoor fence company install it for you?

The fence company you choose should understand this and set you up for success by encouraging you to take the right approach to DIY fence installation. They should be ready to provide you with the fence supplies you’ll need to design and build your own fence.

At the same time, they should also be prepared to help you with every aspect of your fence installation if you can’t or don’t want to do fence installation yourself. They should have a full-service process in place that allows them to:

  • Help you find the right fence for your home or business
  • Provide you with a quote for your fence materials and installation
  • Figure out the best way to install your fence on your specific property
  • Address any questions or concerns you might have along the way
  • Leave your fence looking it’s absolute best for many years to come

Don’t be afraid to ask an outdoor fence company what their installation process looks like from start to finish. Have them walk you through it so that you understand what kind of timeline they’ll use when installing your new fence.

5. Online Reviews

If an outdoor fence company has been around for more than a few years now, it shouldn’t be too tough to see what other home and business owners have had to say about them. Online reviews will make it easy to get a feel for what a company is all about.

Take a look at reviews for a fencing company on:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Angie’s List

These reviews will shed some light on what you can expect while working with a fence company. You can find out what people think about the products that a company sells, how well a company communicates with its customers, and so much more by spending an hour or two reading reviews.

You can also find out a lot about a company by checking out their rating with the Better Business Bureau. Ideally, you want to see an A+ rating with the BBB before working with a company.

6. Value

Far too often, home and business owners decide which outdoor fence company they’ll hire by comparing the costs of working with different ones. They’ll glance through the various “specials” that companies have to offer and pick the one that offers the lowest prices.

You might think you’re getting the best value by going in this direction during your search for a fence company, but this isn’t usually the case. You’re much better off going with a company that offers fair, affordable, and competitive prices.

Our Maintenance-Free Advantage is one of the main things that sets us apart. It allows us to offer our customers “best in value” prices on our fence products and installations. You’ll see just how beneficial this can be when you get a free estimate.

7. Warranty

After you install a new fence around your residential or commercial property, the last thing you want to worry about is repairing or even replacing it anytime soon. You’re making a significant investment in a fence—and you want it to last!

Outside of everything else that’s already been mentioned, you should also consider the warranty that you’re going to get on your fence from an outdoor fence company. Your company should be happy to provide you with fencing that comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

They will even be able to find fences with lifetime warranties on them. This will provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your new fence for years to come.

Hire the Right Outdoor Fence Company Today

Choosing which outdoor fence company to trust to provide you with a new residential or commercial fence is almost as challenging as choosing a new fence itself. It can confuse and frustrate you if you’re not careful.

Keep the seven things mentioned here in mind when you’re in the process of looking around at different fence companies. They’ll help guide you along the way and lead you to an experienced and knowledgeable fence company that can bring the visions you have for your new fence to life.

Contact us today to find out how you can use our Maintenance-Free Advantage to make your new fence installation a total success.

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